No faith, No God- Know faith ,Know God

No faith, no God. Know faith, Know Godno faith, no God. Know faith, Know God

Without faith it is impossible to please God…If everything that you believe has to be provable by empirical data, then you believe nothing by faith. Therefore, for you there is no pleasing God

Faith is and will always mean; being irrevocably convinced that a thing is true with no physical evidence to prove it to be so.

A statement of faith can come to fruition thus giving evidence that a statement of faith is true.

If a statement of faith is believed by the hearer only after it has come to pass then that hearer did not believe it by faith. Jesus said blessed is he who has believed and has not seen.

A word of advice….

If you are praying and not believing, JUST STOP…No faith, No God

Yes, stop praying without faith.

After all it is pointless to pray to The Lord God without faith. If you are praying and that prayer is directed to God… ‘The God,’ then you must first believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Furthermore the only way that we can believe that God even exists is by faith since there is no physical sighting of Him anywhere. “No Faith, no God” is not intended to imply that the lack of faith can cause God not to exist. It is clear that only a fool would declare in his heart that there is no God. For clarity, the “No God” part of the phrase must be understood as “No access to God.”

I find myself praying to God on the basis of the fact of my salvation. Let me explain. This is how I see it. If God can love me and save me in spite of who I was and would be without Jesus Christ, then nothing is impossible with God and there is no good thing that He would not do for me as an expression of His love for me.

The other point in this is ….If I can believe that I, with all my flaws, am saved by trusting my eternity to the grace and mercy of this HOLY and JUST God, then what is there that I cannot believe Him for, on, in and through?

If you don’t believe that you are saved then simply put, you are not and cannot be.

Believe God and nothing shall be impossible to you. Since an infinite God cannot be proven by finite means you will need to believe by means of faith.

Know faith, know God

Faith then is a surrender. Surrendering your entire being in a way that contradicts your natural sense. Believing a thing by faith is accepting a thing to be true even if everything you can see, taste, hear, touch and smell says otherwise.

If you find yourself doubting any aspect of the promises of God concerning you, all is not lost. This can be fixed.

As long as you believe that God is, you can go to Him confessing and repenting of all your failures and weaknesses which includes your doubts and fears.

Not everything that believers desire and ask for we receive. 

Why is this so? The truth is that not everything that we ask for is in line with God’s will for our lives. Not everything that we desire from time to time is good for us and those around us. Including those we love and serve.

God knows all. Being the good father who He is, He will not always say yes to us. Sometimes He says no, or wait.

Here is a thought.

 Let us seek God’s will before we seek His hand.

By so doing we will not ask amiss. To know faith is to know that faith comes by hearing the word of God

Know what to ask for by knowing the word of God. The word of God reveals God’s heart towards us.

The word of God should constitute our faith. Therefore just the fact that God said it is enough for the faith inspired believer. We trust Him and pray to Him on the premise of his own Word.

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